Leasy Kit

Leasy kit is the solution to rapidly extract viral RNA from VTM for subsequent Real Time PCR analysis.

The kit is based on a two pipetting steps protocol and a two temperature incubation. 
Operator just has to mix an equal volume of VTM and Leasy kit and incubate it on a thermal cycler.
The controlled lysis releases completely the viral RNA, enabling to reach very good sensitivity levels.

Comparative tests versus magnetic bead purification methods show that Leasy is concordand with 94% of positive calls in SARS COV-2 patients with Ct< 37.


94% of the samples with an RdRP Ct value lower than 37 by extraction-based Sars-cov-2 detection workflows (n=130; median Ct value=27,2; IQR=31,8-23=8,8), were detected also by Leasy kit-based workflow.



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