The mission of A. Menarini Diagnostics is to guarantee the highest degree of customer satisfaction in supplying Diagnostics services and products. In order to reach and maintain a significant position in the market, and to gain both customer satisfaction and loyalty, A. Menarini Diagnostics is constantly committed to:

  • Developing service techniques to customers’ needs, anticipate expectations, and supply solutions which create added value;
  • Systematically selecting new and highly technological products;
  • Enhancing the distribution of products and services with the most innovative and reliable technical instruments, which in turn render the organisation more efficient by integrating and exploiting all the necessary potentialities.

In order to carry out its mission, A. Menarini Diagnostics intends to:

  • Develop and maintain a QMS as a means by which we can reach our objectives and respect the commitments undertaken, as well promote continuous improvement of company processes guaranteeing that the necessary requirements for the products and services offered are fulfilled;
  • Adopt an integrated system of risk management in order to guarantee that any risk which may be posed by products manufactured by MD is reduced to a minimum, putting into effect a company policy aimed at guaranteeing a degree of risk management commensurate with the different danger levels posed by the products marketed. Strenghten its own brand identity on the market, by adopting an "own brand labelling" approach in the marketing of new products;
  • Dedicate all our energy and capacities to listening to the indications, suggestions, and wishes of the customer, by means of activities carried out "in the field" by both the Italian Division and the Affiliates;
  • Focus every activity on our customers needs so that we may satisfy them rapidly and efficiently, in order to attain a position as market leader;
  • Consolidate relations with partners in order to guarantee that customers receive high value products which are
  • safe, reliable, and highly technological as well as reasonably priced;
  • Encourage the active participation of the Affiliates in order to render the services offered to clients more efficient as well as satisfying their own needs better;
  • Supply products and services which conform to all the requirements imposed by existing legislative regulations in order to guarantee the safety and well being of users, with particular consideration for the safety regulations concerning in vitro diagnostic devices and the company’s own brand medical devices;
  • Permeate appropriate cultures and methodologies throughout the organisation so that everyone is working constantly to be able to provide the best possible services in line with the expectations of their customers;
  • Guarantee a high level of satisfaction of all employees by aiming at the highest possible degree of loyalty and sense of responsibility;
  • Encourage personnel and management to develop their own natural abilities, interests, and potential;
  • Motivate and participate in the enhancement of the cultural awareness of their personnel with a
  • view towards professional growth and increased technical and organisational competence.

In carrying out its mission, A. Menarini Diagnostics commits itself:

  • To its customers by supplying high quality products and services, demonstrating transparency and reliability, ensuring the quality of the product offered at competitive prices through an analysis and subsequent reduction in costs;
  • To its suppliers by promoting a mutually advantageous ‘alliance’ so as to actively participate in defining the performance and characteristics of the product and to supply the necessary support for a full understanding of the clients needs and relative product requirements;
  • To its employees so that they can develop their spirit of initiative, encourage their professional growth, ensure fruitful and serene professional relationships, and guarantee a safe working environment which can be rewarding for all;
  • To the shareholders by favouring company growth, and ensuring adequate profitability and financial stability – elements which are indispensable for the correct application of a company policy.

Our values

4 values, which have given life to Menarini and shaped its history