GlucoMen® Day CGM

The GlucoMen Day® CGM is a real-time subcutaneous Continuous Glucose Monitoring system. Thanks to the unique GlucoMen Day® CGM Sensor technology, the tiny sensor wire is inserted under the skin without a guide needle, with a reduced risk of insertion pain and bleeding.
The electrochemical enzymatic sensor measures the glucose level in the interstitial fluid for 14 days, and the data is stored in the Transmitter and sent via Bluetooth to the dedicated App, which displays a new glucose value every minute.

System components

The GlucoMen® Day App

The GlucoMen Day® CGM dedicated App (for both Android and iOS smartphones) displays the latest glucose value (a new value every minute), trend arrow and glucose graph. The App allows the user to set and customise high/low alarms, rapid glucose change alarms and predictive alarms. Data can be shared in real-time on a certified cloud, and shared remotely with an HCP or carer.

Data analysis includes Time in Range, Average, SD, CV% and AGP, and can be viewed directly in the App or in the GlucoLog web software.

Eco friendly

In 5 years of continuous use, the GlucoMen® Day CGM system just wastes 2 lithium batteries and about 3 Kg of plastic, while competitor products could dispose of up to 120 lithium batteries and up to about 18 Kg of plastic.

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