GlucoLog Mobile

GlucoLog mobile is a free of charge application that allows you to register your glycaemic data and send them to your caregiver’s phone.
GlucoLog mobile is compatible with both Apple iOS and Android operative systems.

GlucoLog Mobile - Transfer from meter to smartphone via Bluetooth

  1. Glycaemia data is automatically transferred from the meter to the patient ’s smart-phone via a Bluetooth connection.
  2. Glycaemia data is sent via SMS to the mobile phone of the caregiver using GlucoLog mobile.


General Information of the Patient

Immediately after the application’s screenshot, the patient has to set:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Date of birth
  • Caregiver’s Mobile phone number

GlucoLog Mobile

Meter and Bluetooth Configuration

Now the patient has to insert:

  • Bluetooth serial number
  • Meter model
  • Serial number
  • Measurement unit

GlucoLog Mobile

Once the preliminary setting is completed, the Glycaemia data will be automatically transferred from the meter to the patient ’s smart-phone and will subsequently appear with all the information collected (marker, execution date, time, etc).

GlucoLog Mobile


Now the patient can select a period and send results to his/her caregiver via short message service (SMS)*


*Every SMS provides information on the last five measurements, the cost of which depends upon the individual contract with the mobile operator.


Freely available on:

Apple Store

Google Play

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